Friday, May 29, 2015

London's 11 months and Finn's preschool graduation

This past month has brought so much change for sweet little London.  She has become a little toddler almost instead of a baby.  She is crawling all over my house and pulling up and getting into everything.  We call her our little destroyer sometimes.  She is still so happy and loves to laugh.  She is getting better at eating all kinds of foods and hasn't even gagged in a while!  We had to take her to the doctor last week and she weighed 21.5 pounds.  Wow, big girl!  We are still in size 4 diapers and now wears 18 month clothes.  She can give high fives and talks gibberish all the time.  I'm guessing she will start making more sense very soon.  She likes to do everything that Finn does and learns very quickly.  She still loves her Daddy and talks about him a lot.  She is going to be my little extrovert, I'm not sure what I'll do with that.  Enjoy her pics:

Also this month, my sweet big boy graduated from preschool.  We aren't sending him to kindergarten next year but we are excited to move to the next phase of transitional kindergarten.  Turns out I made a mommy mistake and didn't take him seriously enough when he said he didn't like his costume.  It turned into being a slight disaster of a performance but one we will have on video for his fiancee someday.  He finally pulled himself together for the diploma ceremony.  Enjoy:

He was a fire ant.

A very sad fire ant :(

Last day of school with his awesome teachers

Saturday, April 11, 2015

10 months for London!

At 10 months old, I want to freeze my sweet London and keep her this age forever!  She is just such a joy!  This month, London has started to wave bye bye and hello.  She also says bye bye sometimes, usually after the person has already left.  Mostly though, she talks about her Daddy.  She only likes to say mama when she is sad or angry.  She is obsessed with her brother and still tries to grab him any time he is in arms reach.  She watches everything he does and loves to laugh at him.  She always reaches for her Daddy to hold her when he is near and she just cuddles right up in his arms and lays her head an his shoulder- it melts my heart!  London is till a big girl.  I'm guessing she must be at least 20 lbs now and is wearing size 4 diaper.  She is growing out of all her 12 month winter clothes!  Bring on the warm weather so we can wear our new 18 month summer clothes. 
London is still not crawling- I can't believe it.  Its taking everything I have not to have a mommy-freak-out.  She is super close and I know she will soon but I keep worrying there is something wrong.  I guess she is applying her laid-back personality to movement too!  She is still my wonderful sleeper and taking two naps a day.  At her 9 month appointment we were told she is a little anemic so she takes iron every day.  That's not fun by the way because she still gags some.  Her texture issue seems to be improving and she has about 8 solid foods now that she will eat.  I've noticed she doesn't like anything that is too slimy like bananas and peaches but loves green beans and cheese because they are more solid.  Unfortunately, since she hasn't wanted to eat much solid food, she isn't experienced enough for the really hard foods yet. 
London is starting to show her feisty side.  We think she will take more after Cade because she is very opinionated and makes friends everywhere we go.  She loves to smile at strangers and get attention.  She has just now begun to cry a little when I leave her places, like church. 
I love this little girl so much!!  Enjoy her pictures even though she wouldn't sit still:

Thursday, March 26, 2015

9 months for London

London is actually almost 10 months now but I'm just getting around to posting about her 9th month.  Funny how adding another kid to the fam has cut down on my blogging :)
My sweet London is just such a joy to have!  We all love her so much and talk constantly about how awesome she is.  She is happy and funny and still loves to sleep.  She is 20 lbs now and I moved up to a size 4 diaper because of her junk-in-the-trunk.  I think I already mentioned that she has struggled a little bit with solid foods but this month she has started to do so much better and has added many new foods like green beans, pasta, lil crunchies, cooked carrots, and pieces of pear.  She still eats baby food at every meal too.  I hope to keep finding and adding foods that she will eat and not gag on.  My other concern about her is that she seems unmotivated to crawl.  I talked to our doctor about it and he didn't seem concerned at all.  This momma needs her little girl to just go ahead and crawl so I can stop fretting about it.  This month she got her 8th tooth!  Crazy!  She also had her first ear infection (those were two really long nights).  She is already feeling so much better and back to her happy self.  London is actually a very quiet baby, she says mama, dada, and uh oh on occasion but she only talks when she wants to and doesn't speak on command. 
This month was the hardest so far to get a good picture of her.  She was happy and moving way too much to get a great picture.  Enjoy!

Sweet pea!

She has much love for her brother even though he doesn't always like her love.

She loves to clap her hands

I couldn't get a good picture like this this month because she kept rolling over before I could get it in focus.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

8 months for London

This has been a slightly challenging month for my little London.  She has been battling a sickness all month it seems like.  It started as a runny nose and turned into a sinus infection of some sort.  Then she seemed to have fever for days.  When I took her to the doctor he gave her some Amoxil to help the sinus infection but this medicine is so hard on her little tummy and we had to endure 10 days of probiotics, no fruit, and soy formula.  Poor baby!!  Then we realized all FOUR of her top teeth have come in this month.  Oh my!!  She is still cranky and having a hard time with one of the teeth.  Its so sad to see her rub her face and not really be able to help her.  One of the other things that's very different about her than Finn is she gags very easily.  Every time I give her Tylenol she gags on it and has been sick once (yikes- that's my worst nightmare)!  Because of this, we have taken foods very slow.  She spits lots of things out and gags on others.  I am still feeding her lots of baby food even though she wants to feed herself.  I think this will just be a much slower process than it was with Finn.  However, besides a few nights of sickness, she is still a great sleeper!  She sleeps about 12 hours at night (high five) and still takes two naps each day.  She loves to sleep on her tummy and looks so comfy in her sleepsack.   Having a good sleeper this time has been such a blessing!
London isn't crawling yet.   Since she has been sick and not feeling well she doesn't really want to be on her tummy for very long.  She is much happier just sitting up to play with her toys but has wanted to be held so much more this month.  I've been a tired momma!
She is still such a large child.  She is wearing all 12 month size clothes and even growing out of some of them.  I'm ready for summer and new outfits! She wears a size 3 in pampers.  Just like Finn, she has tiny feet.  Both my kids have little feet, its almost as if they have little balls on the end of their legs- haha!
For the most part she is such a happy baby.  She smiles so big and laughs all the time.  She seriously loves her Daddy.  She also loves to watch everything that Finn does and when he gets within reach she tries to grab him.  She loves to play with her toys but especially likes me to read her books with flaps in them.  Her hair is finally growing and I think my blue eyed baby is turning into a brown eyed girl, or at least hazel.  I think eventually she will have dark brown hair like all the grandparents had.
Even with not feeling so great, London is such a joy.  She has brought so much happiness and fun to our household.  Even Finn loves her and says how cute she is.   I seriously love that girl!!
Getting her to lay back for a picture is almost impossible, she just wants to sit strait up in this chair.

You can't see it but there is 6 teeth in there!! Bless!

Finn wasn't feeling so good this day so he got to stay in his PJs

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

London is 7 months!

The time is just flying by and I'm loving all of it with my sweet girl!  I can't believe she is already 7 months old!  She has changed so much in the last month.  Little Miss got her first two teeth all the way in, had her first Christmas, and her first cold.  She is sitting up like a champ now and super close to crawling, she has mastered the superman and planking moves (haha).  Almost all of her 9 month size clothes are too small now.  She is just such a tall girl!  I don't want to but I may have to buy a few more winter clothes to make it through the next few months.  London is such a great eater and is getting better at picking up some puffs and getting them into her mouth.  I think this next month will hold lots of new finger foods for her.  Besides dealing with her congestion lately, she is still a great sleeper too.  God just knew what I needed this time! 
Finn has been such a good big brother and loves to make her laugh and be the entertainer.  Finn is also outgrowing all of his clothes because he is so tall.  Lately he has been super into numbers and asks all kinds of questions about the time, how many, and how much of everything.  He loves to make up numbers too like "ten forty million".  Sweet boy!  Finns still doing great in school and learning so much!  Its about time for me to decide where he will go next year (take a deep breath and let out the anxiety).  I'm pretty sure Finn is ready for warm weather and outside play time. 
Christmas went great for both my kids!  Finns favorite part was getting to spend so much time playing with his cousins.  He is finally old enough to hang with the big boys and talk about playing games and big boy things.  They were so sweet to him and he loved it.  London got some of her first girly toys and she was surprisingly really into them (I suspected the paper would be a hit).  We loved spending time with family!
Here are London's 7 month pictures.  She is officially in the stage of an impossible picture because when I talk to her she waves her arms and gets really excited.  Shes almost too happy for a picture :)

Friday, December 12, 2014

Merry Christmas!!

Londons 6 months!

I really can't believe that my baby is 6 months old!  I remember thinking at this point with my first child that I had just had the longest 6 months of my life (haha).  That feeling had nothing to do with the amount of love for him but I think many first-time moms feels that way.  London has been pure joy!  Just for the record, I also used to hate it when other moms said that about their kids since I had such a rough time.  But, I can't say it enough!  London has been an answered prayer and little ray of sunshine in our lives!
At six months she has become little Miss Personality.  She makes friends everywhere we go and smiles at everyone.  Well, maybe not Santa.  She is a large thing, weighing in at 18.5 pounds and is 27 1/2 inches long.  That makes her in the 95th percentile which is actually down from her 3 month visit.  My doctors exact words were "Its funny, she isn't fat she is just the size of a 12 month old".  I just laughed because she really is wearing 12 month size clothes.  She wears a size 3 diaper and rolls to her tummy every chance she gets.  Just today I noticed her trying to lift her bottom while on her tummy so I bet we have a scooter sometime soon.  However, she seems to be unmotivated to sit up.  She sits while being supported but doesn't care about sitting up by herself.  She sat in the shopping cart at Target today for the first time- yay!!  London just received her six month shots and got her first two teeth on the same day.   All that to say the last two days have been a little sad and rough.  Poor baby! But now that we have some teeth I feel better about giving her some more solid type foods.  She is a great eater and I bet she will love the new things she will get soon.  The only food she won't eat so far is peas,  just like Finn!
We really love this sweet, precious, soul that God has given us and can't wait to celebrate Christmas as a family of 4!  Here are some pics:
6 months Old!

Both my kiddos together

She is always smiling (and loves to eat)

She wasn't quite so sure about Santa.  There might have been a few tears after this :)

I'm trying to convince her to love this mouse I got for her.  So far, so good.

She really loves her Daddy snuggles

She loves to go on walks and watch her brother play outside.

Christmas tree lighting.  I don't think she liked being so bundled up.

Every once in a while Finn likes to hold her.

Sweet baby!!

And last is a 5 month picture because I didn't do a post last month.