Thursday, February 19, 2015

8 months for London

This has been a slightly challenging month for my little London.  She has been battling a sickness all month it seems like.  It started as a runny nose and turned into a sinus infection of some sort.  Then she seemed to have fever for days.  When I took her to the doctor he gave her some Amoxil to help the sinus infection but this medicine is so hard on her little tummy and we had to endure 10 days of probiotics, no fruit, and soy formula.  Poor baby!!  Then we realized all FOUR of her top teeth have come in this month.  Oh my!!  She is still cranky and having a hard time with one of the teeth.  Its so sad to see her rub her face and not really be able to help her.  One of the other things that's very different about her than Finn is she gags very easily.  Every time I give her Tylenol she gags on it and has been sick once (yikes- that's my worst nightmare)!  Because of this, we have taken foods very slow.  She spits lots of things out and gags on others.  I am still feeding her lots of baby food even though she wants to feed herself.  I think this will just be a much slower process than it was with Finn.  However, besides a few nights of sickness, she is still a great sleeper!  She sleeps about 12 hours at night (high five) and still takes two naps each day.  She loves to sleep on her tummy and looks so comfy in her sleepsack.   Having a good sleeper this time has been such a blessing!
London isn't crawling yet.   Since she has been sick and not feeling well she doesn't really want to be on her tummy for very long.  She is much happier just sitting up to play with her toys but has wanted to be held so much more this month.  I've been a tired momma!
She is still such a large child.  She is wearing all 12 month size clothes and even growing out of some of them.  I'm ready for summer and new outfits! She wears a size 3 in pampers.  Just like Finn, she has tiny feet.  Both my kids have little feet, its almost as if they have little balls on the end of their legs- haha!
For the most part she is such a happy baby.  She smiles so big and laughs all the time.  She seriously loves her Daddy.  She also loves to watch everything that Finn does and when he gets within reach she tries to grab him.  She loves to play with her toys but especially likes me to read her books with flaps in them.  Her hair is finally growing and I think my blue eyed baby is turning into a brown eyed girl, or at least hazel.  I think eventually she will have dark brown hair like all the grandparents had.
Even with not feeling so great, London is such a joy.  She has brought so much happiness and fun to our household.  Even Finn loves her and says how cute she is.   I seriously love that girl!!
Getting her to lay back for a picture is almost impossible, she just wants to sit strait up in this chair.

You can't see it but there is 6 teeth in there!! Bless!

Finn wasn't feeling so good this day so he got to stay in his PJs

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