Friday, December 12, 2014

Londons 6 months!

I really can't believe that my baby is 6 months old!  I remember thinking at this point with my first child that I had just had the longest 6 months of my life (haha).  That feeling had nothing to do with the amount of love for him but I think many first-time moms feels that way.  London has been pure joy!  Just for the record, I also used to hate it when other moms said that about their kids since I had such a rough time.  But, I can't say it enough!  London has been an answered prayer and little ray of sunshine in our lives!
At six months she has become little Miss Personality.  She makes friends everywhere we go and smiles at everyone.  Well, maybe not Santa.  She is a large thing, weighing in at 18.5 pounds and is 27 1/2 inches long.  That makes her in the 95th percentile which is actually down from her 3 month visit.  My doctors exact words were "Its funny, she isn't fat she is just the size of a 12 month old".  I just laughed because she really is wearing 12 month size clothes.  She wears a size 3 diaper and rolls to her tummy every chance she gets.  Just today I noticed her trying to lift her bottom while on her tummy so I bet we have a scooter sometime soon.  However, she seems to be unmotivated to sit up.  She sits while being supported but doesn't care about sitting up by herself.  She sat in the shopping cart at Target today for the first time- yay!!  London just received her six month shots and got her first two teeth on the same day.   All that to say the last two days have been a little sad and rough.  Poor baby! But now that we have some teeth I feel better about giving her some more solid type foods.  She is a great eater and I bet she will love the new things she will get soon.  The only food she won't eat so far is peas,  just like Finn!
We really love this sweet, precious, soul that God has given us and can't wait to celebrate Christmas as a family of 4!  Here are some pics:
6 months Old!

Both my kiddos together

She is always smiling (and loves to eat)

She wasn't quite so sure about Santa.  There might have been a few tears after this :)

I'm trying to convince her to love this mouse I got for her.  So far, so good.

She really loves her Daddy snuggles

She loves to go on walks and watch her brother play outside.

Christmas tree lighting.  I don't think she liked being so bundled up.

Every once in a while Finn likes to hold her.

Sweet baby!!

And last is a 5 month picture because I didn't do a post last month.

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