Saturday, April 11, 2015

10 months for London!

At 10 months old, I want to freeze my sweet London and keep her this age forever!  She is just such a joy!  This month, London has started to wave bye bye and hello.  She also says bye bye sometimes, usually after the person has already left.  Mostly though, she talks about her Daddy.  She only likes to say mama when she is sad or angry.  She is obsessed with her brother and still tries to grab him any time he is in arms reach.  She watches everything he does and loves to laugh at him.  She always reaches for her Daddy to hold her when he is near and she just cuddles right up in his arms and lays her head an his shoulder- it melts my heart!  London is till a big girl.  I'm guessing she must be at least 20 lbs now and is wearing size 4 diaper.  She is growing out of all her 12 month winter clothes!  Bring on the warm weather so we can wear our new 18 month summer clothes. 
London is still not crawling- I can't believe it.  Its taking everything I have not to have a mommy-freak-out.  She is super close and I know she will soon but I keep worrying there is something wrong.  I guess she is applying her laid-back personality to movement too!  She is still my wonderful sleeper and taking two naps a day.  At her 9 month appointment we were told she is a little anemic so she takes iron every day.  That's not fun by the way because she still gags some.  Her texture issue seems to be improving and she has about 8 solid foods now that she will eat.  I've noticed she doesn't like anything that is too slimy like bananas and peaches but loves green beans and cheese because they are more solid.  Unfortunately, since she hasn't wanted to eat much solid food, she isn't experienced enough for the really hard foods yet. 
London is starting to show her feisty side.  We think she will take more after Cade because she is very opinionated and makes friends everywhere we go.  She loves to smile at strangers and get attention.  She has just now begun to cry a little when I leave her places, like church. 
I love this little girl so much!!  Enjoy her pictures even though she wouldn't sit still:

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